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Holly Watson

Confidently Publish Your Book with Expert Proofreading

You've finally finished writing your masterpiece, but you need that magical touch that only a proficient copy editor or proofreader can provide. Holly Watson is that unicorn. Banish all your fears and embrace your newly perfected manuscript, perhaps cradle it in your arms a moment before you send that exquisite novel off to literary agents.

You get:

  1. My expert grammar skills as your fiercest ally.

    • I have been proofreading every single friend's essay since I was in middle school and all the way to now (30 years total), so I seriously know what I'm doing.

    • You'll know your masterpiece will be treated with the respect it deserves.

    • Your manuscript is going to sparkle so brightly that you'll be referring me to all your friends too.

    • To be proud of all your hard-work and diligence.

  2. A submission-ready manuscript that will dazzle your future literary agent.

    • When you work with Holly Watson, your work gets the tidying up it needs to wow your audience.

    • Once I'm done with your precious accomplishment, you can rest easy knowing the hardest part is truly behind you.

    • Prompt service, within two weeks under 100,000 words.

      • Not only are you working with a professional with all your best interests in mind, but I promise to produce a properly polished document in fourteen days or less.

  3. Personal attention through the entire process.

    • I am yours all day every day until I've completed my work to your satisfaction.

    • Anytime you need a question answered, I'm only an email or phone call away.

    • You're the boss.


About Me

Officially an editor since 2016 (but my experience ranges back over 30 years), I love engaging with the projects I work on, diving headfirst into the story.  I've always had an affinity for language and literature, even becoming a lifelong writer. 
Having met some personal and professional goals I've had in my back pocket for decades, now I'm basking in exclusive literature and acquainting myself with like-minded new clientele.  For some of whom, I've proofread their first novel.  The personal relationship built with my clients is the icing on the cake.

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"Holly Watson Proofreading and Copy Editing provided editing services on my graduate school college essay, done in mere days instead of weeks. With Holly Watson's help, I was accepted into the graduate program. Was it her editing that did it? I mean, there's no tangible way of ever measuring it, but Holly's prompt, professional, and proficient work definitely contributed. If you're mulling over whether Holly will bend over backwards for your writing project, fret no more, Holly's got your back."

Ashley Courtney

I have been writing for years, my own projects as well as those I’ve completed for private and corporate clients. I even had my own indie book publishing company for a time. In spite of all this experience, I remain sloppy. I have been hunting for the perfect proofreader forever, and finally I’ve found her. In the course of proofing my soon-to-be published novel, Holly Watson caught all my double articles and pronouns, all the places where I used two words instead of the compound word that was called for, all my unnecessary commas, all my misspelled words (including characters' names), all my extra spaces between words and sentences, and even—miraculously, because they aren’t visible to my eye—the extra spaces I made at the end of paragraphs, and so much more! I recommend her highly.

Joan Schweighardt


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Pittsburgh, PA

(412) 657-2430

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