• Holly Watson

Fourteen Stanzas

You’re dripping, overflowing of that delectable sin

Oh, how you shall taste upon mine parched lips

Drained, unanchored, defeated all from within

Drifting apart, away, so fast like two sailing ships

Tailored nowadays to fit cautious conformity

Low and behold, thus how long has it now been

Upon this blank stage I stand alone – deformity

Though now nor never will a time be then

The tender and tasty delicacy of mine supple flesh

Whispers stay true to your lust from mine chasm

My heart pounds amiss, percusses within my chest

Your lush and longing lips softly caress mine bosom

Haunting one another through the night like specters

Flickers and flashes of warm sun via glass glimmer

Baptized and bathed in your warm, thick nectars

Coalesced, united, vaporized, exalted as sinners

Dance here before me, seize my writhing body now

Endear mine heart so true, speak through warm breath

Though within mine senses, we do deceive our vows

Forlorn, ravened, and famished, we lie broken herewith

Spread it all out before my dazzled eyes as tears pour

Twilight's undenial gleam preyed upon as I grew fonder

Welcomed still into mine soul's embrace rest assure

Deliberately sabotaging, ghosted in complete squander

Steal mine lust and warm affections to indulge all my whims

Existential crisis turn and curl and morals fall loose

Listen on Heaven's high roar for thine angels’ fine hymn

Solemnly, and I alone prepare the rafters and the noose

Dispirited, broken in half by deceit in the wake of your care

I can see only your face in the dark behind my closed eyes

Buried deep, heavily within temptation, drowned in prayer

No diviner dreams than together admiring some bluer skies

Unfalteringly I cease and collapse and swoon at your feet

Sanctimoniously betrothed have all your words become

Burdened, tortured, and bitten by the teeth of your deceit

Yet another brilliantly honest seed of doubt have you sown

Failure yet and again still until the day finally comes

The same promises made too are then promises broken

Embellishing only upon what has thus yet to become

Having taken cover, hidden long from words yet unspoken

My grave so melancholic yet does spark not unrest

Disassociated within by unabbreviated and utter protest

Unbridled love and enduring passion left oppressed

Bereft I mourn, having so soon to reach our crest

Mellifluously come the words as they trail from your lips

As much starved of touch and breath as of your tender kiss

Chest tightens, screams emerge, and heart eclipsed

What is left of the lies of thine cruel heart dehisced

Turquoise skies hover and threaten rain, offering a pact

Submerged, immersed deep within love’s frigid sea

We have yet to come upon our story's final act

Funereal, lugubrious, my empty soul has come to be

Clinging tight to the Eternal Flame pendant you gifted

Blink again mine eyes three more times to say I love you

Capture the riches of my heart and my fervor, so wicked

Stamping upon my soul and upon mine lips and bid me adieu

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